Two Pearls in One Oyster - What a surprise! : )

by Lisa Jones
(Orange Park, Florida)

My little natural pearl treasures

My little natural pearl treasures

Saturday evening was a great day. I went to the seafood market and bought a bushel of freshwater oysters. I came home and steamed them a little and then my daughters and I sat down to eat. I was eating an oyster when all of a sudden I bit down on something hard and I immediately spat it out. To my surprise when I looked at what it was two little pearls. So perfectly round and they both were same size 3mm. I cleaned them off with warm water and put them in a box. My daughters were shocked at my treasured find.

I took them the next day to my neighborhood jeweler to see if I could have them custom made into 14kt gold pearl studs and yes, they were able to take my little pearls and turn them into the most precious piece of jewelry I've ever owned. Out of curiosity I asked them about how much did they value and I was told about $10.00 a piece...what do you think? They were both 3mm in size. That same day I found another pearl in another oyster but, it was so tiny I just kept it. Those were some pearly oysters I bought that day. 3 pearls in one day...what are the chances.

Hopefully, one day I will find a bigger one to make a matching pendant out of. I feel so lucky in having to find one especially after reading others stories of how it is so very rare to find one and I found 2 in one oyster and 1 teeny one in another and I found out that it takes 5 years for an oyster to make a 3mm size pearl. Wow, what a feeling. :) I've included a picture of my little pearl treasures set in 14kt gold earrings. I wish I would have held onto the shell and took before pictures but, they are.

Lisa Jones, Orange Park, Florida

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May 19, 2010
Agreed: What a surprise!
by: Kari

Hi Lisa,

Yes, what a surprise finding 2 matching pearls in one oyster. You had a great idea to have matching 14K stud earrings made with them. Heirloom treasures! Then you found another one. You are crazy with luck and will no doubt find the one you are hoping for to complete the set.

It was fun reading about your pearling adventures. Thanks for passing on the photo and story.

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