Unique small pearl wire woven necklace

by Barbara Lynch
(Salisbury, NC )

I got this really lovely wire woven very petite mixed pearl necklace in a large lot of jewelry on ebay a few years back and thought that there was something very unusual about the very petite pearls, being irregular in shape, especially the very tiny black ones or a deep purple, not quite sure. I listed it on ebay but no one paid attention to it so thought I would share it on your site. It came with a old price tag on it of 200.00 so not sure if it is really worth that much and just what the tiny pearls are and if some of them might be Saltwater blue mussel pearls?

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Aug 05, 2017
by: Kari

Hi Barbara,

That is certainly an interesting, creative necklace.

The white and pink pearls look like Chinese freshwaters, so I'm assuming the black ones would most likely be dyed Chinese freshwaters.

The price is high for small Chinese cultured pearls but I suppose there was quite a bit of work into making the unique style.

That is my opinion. I doubt that anyone would mix cultured with blue mussel pearls...but you never know!

Thank you for sharing!

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