by Verne Settle
(Perth, Western Australia)

Is there such things as fish bites on pearls? I recently bought 3 pieces of black south sea pearls which the jeweller made it into a pair of earrings and a pendant. After this was done I noticed few indentation marks. I bought this from Philippines and made by a local jeweller. I inquired about these marks/FLAWS, I was told they are known as fish bites? Thanks.

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Jun 15, 2010
Way of explaining
by: Kari

Hi Verne,

No, there are not fish bites on pearls. It must be their way of explaining away the flaws. I found funny sayings concerning pearls in the Philippines like naming shapes of pearls after the shapes of their bread and calling all akoya pearls, "Mikimoto" pearls. It takes awhile to catch on to the lingo, if it's ever possible to pick up on it all. I think it was just an easy way of describing the dents.

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