Vintage Art Deco Natural Saltwater Pearl Necklace, 18K Diamond Clasp

Vintage Art Deco Natural Saltwater Pearl Necklace, 18K

Vintage Art Deco Natural Saltwater Pearl Necklace, 18K

Type of pearl: Natural saltwater

Weight: 11.2 grams (total weight of necklace)

Shape: Round to near-round

Size: 3.21mm to 2.98mm

Color: Cream/Pinkish

Location of Origin: Persian Gulf

Clasp Metal: 18K white gold

Length: 16" inches

Certificate: EGL (New York), US312175903P

Price: No longer available.

This elegant double strand necklace of essentially uniform natural saltwater pearls dates from circa 1920. The pearls are round to near-round, and have that incomparable creamy pinkish glow found in the best pearls from the Persian Gulf. They are superbly matched for color and luster.

The large (3/4 inch length), intricately designed clasp is 18K white gold, set with a European-cut diamond and 20 rose-cut diamonds. The beauty of this clasp, combined with the uniform size of the pearls, make it perfect to show off worn to the side, rather than the back of the neck.

The necklace measures 16 inches, ideal for a small to average neck, and weighs a substantial 11.2 grams. The certificate shown, as well as appraisal for $8,050, are included.

Antique natural pearls are increasingly rare, and double strand necklaces even more so. For centuries, men fought and died for natural pearls, not the products of cultured pearl farms. Collect these rarities while it's still possible to do so!

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