vintage pearl bracelet w/ metallic green/ oblong pearls?

by Loreena
(South Dakota USA)

close up of pearls

close up of pearls

I was browsing at a thrift shop of all places and I found this looks like vintage/ maybe antique bracelet/ after examining it / doing the tooth test/ it appears that these are heavy pearls. Can u tell me what kind they are and origin. I was also wondering if you could possibly tell me the value of this bracelet? The part of the clasp that tells you the type of precious metal is gone/broken off, but I think this is sterling? I have not acid tested the clasp yet? Bracelet has three strands of the pearls and they are approx. 7" long strands. They weigh 27.5 grams/ that's in grams not carat weight. Thanks Loreena

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Feb 02, 2010
What I think
by: Kari

Hello Loreena,

I grew up near South Dakota...I get homesick just thinking about that "neck of the woods"!

Loreena, thanks for the photo and for sharing about finding your pearls. For the most part, a photo is rarely enough to go on when identifying pearls, but I can give you a guess...and that is all it will be, a guess.

Since pearls rarely come naturally in metallic green, your pearls are probably dyed Chinese freshwater pearls in baroque shapes. The surfaces look quite clear.

They look like colorful fun pearls, but I'd guess the value is not too high. Dyed pearls is a fairly new technique. Few if any vintage or antique pearls were dyed.

I hope you enjoy your pearl bracelet and I really appreciate you taking the time to share it on!

God bless!

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