Vintage Pearl Button Necklace

I've been fascinated with pearl buttons ever since I moved to Muscatine, Iowa, where there were all sorts of button factories in "days gone by".

Vintage Pearl Button Necklace
Vintage Pearl Button Necklace

The local history captivated me and still does. So when I was able to purchase these shell buttons that were manufactured here in Muscatine, I had a blast thinking of ways to enjoy, wear and appreciate these once common objects.

I got this idea from a vintage crocheted button necklace on display at our local pearl button museum. Mine isn't as fancy or detailed as the one on display, but it is lovely and really fun to wear!

Young gals especially like the randomness of the various sizes and asymmetrical arrangement of the buttons. No two necklaces are alike.

I string on about 30 buttons and crochet away. It's a great way to pass the time on road trips....that is if I'm not driving!

After giving one of these away to a friend who graduated from high school, the rage caught on fast....her friends each wanted one too....

So, now, I've finally got it here on so you too can enjoy this fun, funky authentic vintage button necklace. If you're in Muscatine you can also buy my vintage button jewelry at the local museum.

Nitty Gritty Details:

Button Type: Authentic Vintage Pearl Buttons (made in USA)
Color: Off White (natural color)
Size Buttons: 8.5mm-23mm
Length: Various...add a note with your desired length

Price: $24.00 - No longer available

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