Who Wears Pearls Best?

Who Wears Pearls Best?

From Hollywood to Bollywood, every star knows that pearls are among the classiest jewelry, but from the East to the West, who wears pearls best? Join us as we judge Rihanna, Kajol, Michelle Obama, Shilpa Shetty, Anne Hathaway, and Karishma Kapoor. Let us know who wears pearls best!

Rihanna is known for being extraordinary in the way that she goes all out, and pearls are not an exception. A bulk of strands around her neck gives a glam effect to her plain black suit coat. The sassy red lipstick adds to the look, too.

Kajol goes for a simpler look with shorter strands that match her pearl-colored dress. While this makes for a very elegant, simplistic style, we have to give this one to Rihanna because she rocked those pearls and Kajol isn't selling it the way she should be.

Shilpa Shetty wore a beautiful pearl set for her wedding day. With pearls as popular accessories for bridal attire, it looks like Shilpa got it right on her big day.

First Lady Michelle Obama also wore the same look with a pretty, chic gown. Hers, though, did not have the same “wow” factor as Shilpa, so we have to give this one to Ms. Shetty. Sorry Michelle! We love your style but those pearls don't add up for us perhaps because the dress has so much bling already.

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