Wife Bit Into Crab Meat and Found A Pearl

by Don Robins
(Stayner, Ontario)

Pearl found in King Crab Leg

Pearl found in King Crab Leg

My family decided to have some King Crab legs for supper on May 9, 2009.

My wife had just pulled some of the meat from the knuckle were the leg meets the body. When she started to chew it she just about broke her tooth on what she thought was a piece of shell.

When she pulled the object from her mouth she realized it was sphere shaped. When it was all clean we could see that it was white in color and appeared to be a "pearl" like object.

We went to the computer and keyed in the words "is it possible to find pearls in crab". This site came up and we read the story about the lady who found a pearl in her crab. I do not know for sure if it is a pearl but boy does it look like one. We have included a photo for the record.

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Oct 05, 2018
us too.....lol
by: titus

My wife too...almost role a tooth on a roundish pearly super hard thing in her crab met! crazy!

Feb 03, 2011
i found one too.
by: lot

it was 11:30 am feb. 3, 2011 after the terrible blizzard i had king crab legs. i chew the crab meat and felt something hard in my mouth. i took it out and found a white stone like thing. i put it on the side of my plate and continue eating the rest of my crabs, when done eating "is it possible to find pearl in the crabs?" i searched in the internet if "is it possible to find pearl in the crabs" and i found stories. i don't know if it is a real pearl or not but i found one similar to the pix attached almost a quarter of an inch in size.

Oct 15, 2009
Pearly whites
by: Anonymous

Unbelievable, you made some news

Jul 19, 2009
I'm in aw !! I too found one.
by: Cathie G

I can't believe it.....I was eating King Crab last night, and was enjoying the meat from the claw, when I bit something hard, when I looked it I said "Is there such a thing as pearls in Crab?" So of course I had to google today. It looks identical to the picture you have here, but, yes there is a but, I for some strange reason decided to cut it, with a very sharp kitchen knife !!!

Well, I kept it, and I can say I too have a Pearl from a Crab !!!

cathie - manitoba canada

May 09, 2009
Glad she didn't break a tooth
by: Kari

Hi Don,

Well, I'm glad your wife did not break a tooth...that sure does resemble a pearl, doesn't it? Thanks for adding a photo. I love seeing what people are talking about.

These are not technically pearls and don't have much value, but it must be a neat experience to find one, just the same. As you can see, your wife is not the first one to wonder what she found inside a crab leg.

I appreciate you taking the time to add your story...let us know what you decide to do with it and how you are going to display or enjoy it.

Thanks again!

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