2 Inch Abalone Pearl

by DJT
(Sonoma Co.)

2 Inch Abalone Horn Pearl

2 Inch Abalone Horn Pearl

I was abalone diving last year. I had one abalone, when I suffered a massive stroke. My 82 yr old dad assisted me, called 911, and one yr later I am a recovering stroke victim.

I couldn't get myself to eat the abalone from that horrific day, so I told my dad to enjoy.

When he cleaned the abalone he found a huge pearl that measures about 2" and shaped like a tooth. He gave it to me the other day.

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Apr 16, 2009
Glad you are still here!
by: Kari

Hello DJT, I'm glad you are still here one year later to tell us about your 2" abalone pearl. I'd love to see a photo of it. Yes, that must have been a traumatic day for you for sure! It's a good thing you weren't diving alone and your father could help you. Now, you have a prize for all the effort you put into diving that day. Good for you. I hope you can thoroughly enjoy that pearl. I have yet to taste abalone meat...some day I'll give it a try. If you get around to taking a closeup photo of your pearl I can easily add it to your page for you. Email it to me at: karipearls(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Thank you for sharing, DJT. I love hearing about natural pearls and am now selling natural pearl jewelry made from Persian Gulf pearls. As much as I appreciate cultured pearls and all the efforts that go into growing them...to me there's nothing quite like a non-cultured pearl. God bless and again...I'm glad you are still with us!

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