Have You Ever Found An
Abalone Pearl?

Abalone pearls with their iridescent colors are one of nature's treasures and I love hearing about finding them. Here, I invite you to upload a photo or video and tell your pearl story.

Abalone Pearl

It must be a big thrill to find one of these. My parents bought a shell which grows these pearls on Catalina Island in California many years ago and as a child I never tired of gazing into its loveliness. The pearls from this mollusk are just as beautiful as the mother shell.

These pearls are especially interesting on account of their brilliant and unusual colors. Green predominates, but blue and yellow also occur. Although commonly very small, some of the well-formed ones exceed seventy-five grains in weight, and those of irregular shape may be very much larger. The ear-shells also produce many irregular pearly masses. Their beautiful greenish or blueish tints adapt them for artistic jeweled objects, such as the body of a fly or of a beetle.

The ear-shells or abalone (Haliotidae), univalves, attach themselves to the rocks by means of their large muscular disk-shaped foot, which acts like a sucker or an exhaust-cup. These, found on the coasts of California, Japan, New Zealand, and other localities in the Pacific, secrete pearly concretions, sometimes with fine luster.

These shells resemble in general outline the form of the human ear. Distinguishing characteristics are the flatly-spiral bowl-like shape, and the regular series of holes in the back near the distal margin, for the admission of water to the respiratory organs. The holes are on the left side and parallel with the columellar lip, and those nearest the apex close up as the shell increases in size. The shells are rough externally, but beautifully nacreous within. In variety and intensity of coloring, the nacre is superior to that of the pearl-oysters, but it is not so harmonious, and it does not form so thick and flat a layer.

Have You Found A Natural Abalone Pearl?

Do you have a great story about finding an Abalone pearl? Share it!

These brilliantly colored beauties charm the eyes like no other pearl. If you have been fortunate enough to find one of these natural iridescent pearls, I invite you to share a photo and your story here.

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California Abalone Pearl 
My husband was an urchin diver in the 1970’s. Once in a while he brought abalone home for dinner. One evening he brought a red abalone from the Channel …

large abalone pearl with great color! 
I found a 1-1/2 inch pearl in a 10 inch abalone while diving in Mendocino Cal. Thought you may have some ideas for me to keep it or put it up for sale. …

Abalone Pearl Found 37 Years Ago 
We found this in a ab shell 37 yrs ago when we lived in Fort Bragg, Ca.

This is my collection of abalone pearls from working in an abalone processing factory for 25 years. It is only on rare occasions that i would find pearls …

NZ Paua (abalone) pearl 
My husband is a keen diver for abalone and about seven years ago while shelling his catch came across a horn shaped pearl inside one of the Paua! This …

Natural Paua Blister/Mabe Pearls 
Hello, Unfortunately there's no wonderful story surrounding my finding this particular paua shell for I bought it with two other 'normal' ones from a …

3 Pearls on One Abalone Shell 
I've been diving for abalone off the California coast since I was a teenager and never found a pearl. A dive buddy once got a beautiful black pearl from …

Free dive 
All I can say is I got lucky. First dive of the year (2016). I had every intention of getting 9" abs or bigger this year. The weather was bad and after …

Small Abalone Blister Pearl 
I was in vacation in November 2015. I went to one of Java Island Beach, Indonesia. I joined with traditional fisherman to find clams and fishes. I collected …

Is that an Abalone Pearl Hiding out?  
Found this Ab Shell in Mendo on a surf trip last weekend. Is that an Ab Pearl hiding out? I am planning on heading to the Ab Farm in Davenport to see what …

Daniel Found an Abalone Pearl in New Zealand 
I was diving off the east coast of New Zealand and came across this pearl when I was shucking my catch of the day.

Stunning California Red Abalone Pearl 115 ct Found at Salt Point 
Hello, I’m looking for any advice on how to clean and polish a California red abalone pearl that I found last weekend at salt point it’s a really nice …

Large Abalone Pearl 
I was diving off the Mendocino Coast of California at Glass Beach a couple of weeks ago and came across this large pearl in one of the abalone I harvested. …

87+ carat Abalone Pearl 
Found while preparing Abalone for a BBQ tea... Would like to get an idea of its value. Have lots of comments on what its not worth..lol But lets see …

Our Abalone Pearl 87.5 carats 
We have a natural Abalone Pearl. It weighs 17.5 grams. I believe that it is 87.5 carats. Colours are mainly pink and green. Have had a fairly high valuation …

Shelley and Dan Gadivers 
Dove many, this is the biggest so far. Nor Cal rocks!

Is this Abalone Pearl Worth Anything? 
I found this pearl a few years back off the north coast of california. I was wondering if is worth anything?

Abalone Pearl Pendant - Father's gift to his daughter  
In 1976 or 77 I was abalone diving with my Dad near Sheep Ranch, Northern CA. Went back to camp, I watched my Dad clean the abalone's as I usually did, …

Abalone Pearl Collection 
I have never found any of these beauties but was sold a batch of these blue-green paua pearls from a certain gentleman who was atop a cod fishing boat …

35 carat abalone pearl 
I have a 7 gram (35 carat) natural abalone pearl, This has been in the family for some time, but now it is time for someone else to enjoy. Times are tough …

Abalone Punch Out Boy 
Hello! My name is Rick. I have lived in Morro Bay, CA. since birth. My family was in the abalone industry since the 1940's. My father was a hard hat diver …

NorCal Abalone Pearl 6/18/11 
To make this story more interesting, I have it all on video, from the dive to pulling the 84 carat pearl out of the abalone. The dive: The pearl: …

Unusual Abalone Pearl 
I have been diving for Abalone since 1970 and I have only found small round abalone pearls that are attached to the gonad of the Red Abalone. However, …

Paua Pearl 
I have a Paua pearl that was given to my Grandmother by a the family of a Maori King 80 + years ago, she saved their lives when they had a terrible flu. …

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Red Abalone Pearl 22 Carat 28MM x 20MM 
Beautiful Abalone Pearl from Fort Bragg, CA. Trying to get an idea of what to do with it. Thought about necklace or even a decorative inlaid peice for …

Jelly Bean Abalone Pearl 
I always look for pearls when I get abalone and have found some small pearls. This one was a great find.

Abalone Pearl 118 carats 
Abalone pearl Weight: 118.2 carats Size: 2.875 inches x 1.25 inches x 1 inch 73.025 mm X 31.75mm x 25.4mm Abalone Pearl …

Natural Abalone Pearl Jewelry Set 
I have been diving off the northern California coast for 30+ years. I have found numerous abalone pearls but these are the ones that I had made into jewelry …

North California Abalone Pearl 
Harvested a 9 1/4 inch abalone from North California Coast. When I went to clean the abalone this is the gift I received. The photos don't do it justice. …

Huge Perfect Shape Natural Abalone Pearl 
I was abalone diving over at Fort Bragg area last Thanksgiving weekend for a last abalone dive of the year before season's closed. It was rainy and stormy …

Abalone pearl a little smaller than a golf ball. 
About five years ago diving off of the Sonoma County coast I got an abalone pearl that had a cracked shell. When I popped the abalone out of the shell …

Abalone Pearl 
My mate and I got a few paua and when we were shelling them came across this abalone pearl.

25mm Abalone Pearl 
25mm Abalone Pearl Abalone Pearl 13.85 carats 25 x 14 x 7.5mm Baroque Shape Price: SOLD! See the beautiful ring the buyer …

North Coast Abalone Pearl 
After 24 years of diving I just scored my 2nd really nice abalone pearl. Went to Ocean Cove this last weekend for a meat dive with some friends. Sunday …


Surprise Abalone Pearl... 
I've been diving for Abalone for close to 30 years. I never really paid attention to the Abalone pearls until the other day. I was cleaning my catch …

Abalone Pearl Pendant for Sale 
My friend at the abalone farm told me that this pearl had formed in the gonad area of the abalone, which accounted for its fine luster and large size. …

Unusual flat abalone pearl 
This large pendant abalone pearl is attached to a 1/2 oz solid 14 kt gold jewel clasp. Custom designed by my dive buddy, Randy Shores, an accomplished …

My Collection of Rare Abalone Pearls 
The small ones came from the same abalone taken from a cove outside Elk, California. When abalone pearls are put into jewelry, God and man come together …

One of a kind on Earth, 52kt abalone pearl 
I have been abalone pearl diving for 25 years and I have found some great abalone pearls. Nothing close to this rare huge pearl. This one was probably …

Abalone Pearl 
My husband went diving last week and got a 10", a 10-1/8", and a 10-3/8". All of them were legal sideways.

Old Red Abalone Pearl 
This pearl came from a Red Abalone found near Cayucos, California and is over 100 years old. It was willed to my grandfather by the granddaughter of Capt. …

Celestial Sky -- Large Abalone Pearl 
I was diving with a buddy around 30 feet off of the coast of Fort Bragg, CA. This baby popped out of the ab as I was shucking him.... This pearl came out …

10 Year Abalone Pearl Collection for Sale 
Hi, noticed that you like pearls. This is my personal collection of 10 years, all from the Australian blacked lipped abalone. Processing 120 tone a …

Beautiful Large Abalone Pearl 64 Carat 
Rare Find Very beautifully formed Very large abalone Pearl 12.8 grams 64 Carat Exceptional luster throughout Found By Novice Abalone Diver Location:Northern …

Western Australian Green Lip Abalone 
Well, I found this abalone pearl about 6 years ago, as i was a professional diver in the south west. Out of over 20 tonne of the shell fish that was collected …

Large 50 Carat Abalone Pearl 
I have recently found an abalone pearl that is as big as a quails egg it has been weighed at 50.15 karats. It is unpolished an original to how I found …

Round & Black Abalone Pearl 
What do you think is the value of a near round, quarter inch diameter, jet black abalone pearl? Attached is a photo. I am not much into jewelry and am …

Abalone Pearl 
My grandpa pulled a pearl from an abalone twenty-six years ago. It measurements are 37mm long by 23mm wide and it is really beautiful to look at. I was …

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2 Inch Abalone Pearl 
I was abalone diving last year. I had one abalone, when I suffered a massive stroke. My 82 yr old dad assisted me, called 911, and one yr later I am …

Pearl Inside a Pearl 
My father became a commercial abalone diver in 1949 up in Avila Beach. I grew up in the industry and have had, thanks to my Dad, some amazing stories. …

Big Daddy Abalone Pearl 
I'm wondering how many of you would be interested in seeing or buying 400 carat abalone pearl from northern California. Big Daddy Abalone Pearl …

Abalone Pearl Looks like a Whale 
I found this pearl in the sand adjacent to an abalone bed. I have found abalone pearls before by feeling the gonad and stomach sacs after shucking. …

Wild Red Abalone Pearl 
This is a close to perfectly formed Wild Red Abalone Pearl found off the coast of Northern California. It is over 4 inches long, and 2-1/4 …

Vince Vabri's Abalone Pearl 
This pearl was collected by my late father-in-law in Northern California in the 1940's while free diving for Abalone. Any idea as to it's value?

Natural Abalone Pearls Found While Diving 
Early in 2007 I went abalone diving around Fort Bragg, California, with some friends. I have been doing it for years and have always heard about the pearls …

Red Abalone Pearl from Van Damm State Park, Mendocino Co. 
I went abalone diving with a buddy last weekend at Van Damm State Park in Mendocino County, California. One of the abs we ate contained this 5.5" pearl. …

Help me design a gold clasp on 29 kt ab pearl Not rated yet
This is my 3rd pearl on display on Kari's great site. You can look at my other 2 under 52 kt and large flat titles by me, abaloneguy. I am a north coast …

Northern California Abalone Pearl Treasure Not rated yet
A few examples of the variety of abalone pearls. the small ones were all out of the same old abalone. I have a unusual flat pearl which is on this site …

Natural Abalone Pearl 15 Carat Weight Not rated yet
Type of pearl: Natural Abalone Pearl Carat Weight: 15.1 carats Shape: Horn Size: 31mm x 11.5mm Color: Multi blue green olive …

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