Abalone pearl found in South Africa

by Helene van Hansen

Pearl found in abalone

Pearl found in abalone

My husband dived for crayfish and came apon this big Abalone and took it out in December on 2021. We frose it and in June took it out of the freezer to cook and mince. Upon cutting it up for the mincer, we found a white almost round pearl. What a surprise, we have been diving many years and have never come across anything like that. What made it even more special is that it was my birthday in June on the day we found the pearl, it is also my birth stone. We were also married 30 years in December and the gift is pearl.... What a special gift from God.

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Sep 05, 2022
Oh, wow....
by: Kari

Lucky you. So many "coincidences" - like it was meant to happen for you and become a special gift from God. I love hearing stories like that.

I've enjoyed a couple of trips to South Africa and enjoyed seeing the Cape of Good Hope but the baboons there are very pesty and stole my food from my hand, but at least it made for a a good story when I got home. My son and I were following Vasco de Gama's route from Portugal to India. Table Mountain was pretty neat too.

Thanks so much for sharing. Did you make something special with your pearl?

God bless, Kari

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