Help me design a gold clasp on 29 kt ab pearl

by abaloneguy

29 kt abalone pearl

29 kt abalone pearl

This is my 3rd pearl on display on Kari's great site. You can look at my other 2 under 52 kt and large flat titles by me, abaloneguy. I am a north coast ab diver and a man who appreciates the rarity and value of these beautiful red abalone pearls. I have cleaned at least 2000 abalone over 25 years and found less than 5 pearls worth mounting as necklace pendants. This one I traded several spear guns for from a friend who will not tell me where he got it. With diver friends there is a small circle of trust and I am not in his..That's ok, I have a few sites only one other man knows about. A honey hole can be the size of a tennis court and can be wiped out with loose lips. Any suggestion on a style of gold connector? Look at my other 2 to see what I did last time.

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