Western Australian Green Lip Abalone

by L Cooper
(Perth ,Western Australia)

Green Lip Abalone (Haliotis laevigata)

Green Lip Abalone (Haliotis laevigata)

Well, I found this abalone pearl about 6 years ago, as i was a professional diver in the south west. Out of over 20 tonne of the shell fish that was collected for its meat this one was the best and most perfect specimen I found.

I did find a few others with a lot more imperfections including one that resembles the horn shaped type on this web site but they were so rare.

This one really put a smile on my face it has been x-rayed for density and appears to be nearly solid.

I am not to sure of any others ever being found from this type of species but would to love hear from anyone else finding one. It is about 1cm in diameter and 6mm on its flat side I am really happy with it but not to sure what to do with it.

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Jul 16, 2009
by: Kari

Your pearl is beautiful. 20 tons is a lot of shellfish to go through before finding a pearl. It makes it extra special since you know the effort it takes to find such a lovely natural pearl.

At 1cm it is a nice size and I'm sure it would make up into a lovely piece of jewelry.

Thanks too for adding the scientific name: Green Lip Abalone (Haliotis laevigata). I love knowing those details.

I enjoyed seeing a new variety of abalone pearl. Thanks for sharing!

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