Is that an Abalone Pearl Hiding out?

by Bryan
(El Granada, CA)

Found this Ab Shell in Mendo on a surf trip last weekend. Is that an Ab Pearl hiding out? I am planning on heading to the Ab Farm in Davenport to see what they say soon but figured I would get some thoughts here.

It is measuring conservatively 19mm x 25mm

Much appreciated!


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Jan 08, 2016
Blister or pearl
by: Richard Reynolds

Usually you can tell if it is a blister pearl, then somewhere on the opposite side of the shell there will be a hole very close to where the blister is. Abalone blister pearls that I have found all have that in common. If one grinds down on that side, the hole usually becomes enlarged and the skeleton of the creature that burrows into the abalone shell becomes exposed. There may be other causes for blisters, but that is what I have found.

Jan 07, 2016
I would say that is a blister pearl
by: Kari

Hi Byran,

Yes, I would say from the looks of the photo that there is a blister pearl on the shell. It could be that a lustrous beauty lies beneath, but that is a chance you'd have to take. In the present condition because of its lack of luster there wouldn't be much value so it would be worth the effort to open it up and see if something more lovely is underneath, but that is your call.

It's fun to find natural pearls, blisters or loose. I'm sure when folks can see it in person they'll have some good advice for you.

I appreciate you sharing the photos and questions.

All the best to you and congrats on finding a natural abalone blister pearl!

God bless!

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