Red Abalone Pearl 22 Carat 28MM x 20MM

by Kristine McKee
(Fort Bragg, CA)

Beautiful Abalone Pearl from Fort Bragg, CA. Trying to get an idea of what to do with it. Thought about necklace or even a decorative inlaid peice for the home.

Maybe even selling it. Thoughts?

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Jul 08, 2014
Legailty (not what you think)
by: Anonymous

I was chatting with an abalone taxidermist (in Fort Bragg, at the harbor, right next to the store across from where the Telstar docks). He said if one makes the shell into art THEN it can be sold, according to department of fish and game...I found this interesting since it was always my belief that it was illegal to sell any part of a game species.

Jul 14, 2011
Yes, beautiful pearl
by: Kari

Hi Kristine,

Yes, that is a lovely pearl. The colors of these always amaze. Such beauty & iridescence.

I like how your pearl can "sit up" by itself. To me it would be fun to think of an object it would represent or be a part of and make it into an object d' Art, like the ones in this section:

Pearl Objects d' Art

But, it's always fun to wear a pearl too...and that requires no dusting of an object sitting on a shelf:)

I like the fact that you also have the shell. Pearls alongside of their mother shell make for great conversation pieces.

I have a friend who appraises these. Let me know if you'd like to get in touch.

Thanks so much for sharing the photos and your find with us.

God bless

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