Abalone with lots of blister pearls

by DeAnne

Abalone with lots of blister pearls

Abalone with lots of blister pearls

I was going through a bunch of shell I had bought years ago had them packed away. It was basically craft supplies from the 70’s. But when going through the abalones I found one odd one. I believe the shell it’s self is a California red. But it’s full of blisters inside even up under the rim. I did my best to get pictures. Just curious on your opinion. Is it worth contacting a expert on? Thanks for your time. DeAnne.

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Jul 05, 2023
Abalone blisters
by: Kari

Hello DeAnne,

Yes, I think I can see what you are talking about. Seems like an unusual amount of blister pearls there. It's a novelty for sure and worth the time to take to some local jewelers and get their thoughts. Not sure it would be worth getting a certificate for though as blister pearls don't have the value of loose natural pearls.

There are collectors who specialize in blister pearl collections and it might be worth your time to list it for sale on my site. I do have a page of blisters for sale here. There's no fee to list.

If that might interest you, Contact me here. and I'll give you more information on how to do that.

Thanks for sharing. It certainly was a pleasant surprise for you to discover that in your packed away shells.

Thanks for sharing and God bless,

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