Abalone Pearl

by Lisa
(Petaluma, CA )

Abalone Pearl

Abalone Pearl

My husband went diving last week and got a 10", a 10-1/8", and a 10-3/8". All of them were legal sideways.

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Mar 08, 2010
by: abaloneguy

It has taken me 22 years and 22 limits to find 4 10 " -10 1/2 " abalones.. You take 3 in one limit...WOW.. I know your dive sites are top secret but............I would offer a pretty penny for a guide and another chance at the trophy ab. I'll close this before I start begging. I just put a pearl on this site, check it out. I'm "abaloneguy" on ebay to contact.
I have some choice sites between Navaro and Irish Beach

Jan 12, 2010
by: Kari

Hi Lisa,

These pearls are so gorgeous with those amazing colors. Thanks for the photo. It makes your post so interesting to actually see the pearl you are talking about and it sounds like there are two more also.

Thanks for sharing!

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