Stunning California Red Abalone Pearl 115 ct Found at Salt Point

by Kyle
(Marin County CA USA)

Stunning California Red Abalone Pearl 115 ct Found at Salt Point

Stunning California Red Abalone Pearl 115 ct Found at Salt Point


I’m looking for any advice on how to clean and polish a California red abalone pearl that I found last weekend at salt point it’s a really nice pearl. It’s about 115 ct and has some excellent color and a pretty cool shape. I’ve been abalone diving for years and this is the first pearl that I have found and I think that it will look nicer and be more stable if I clean it. Also if you remove the slightly milky oxide layer that you see on the front of the pearl does it eventually come back? Does it damage the underneath sheen eventually if it’s removed? Does it protect the sheen and thus needed? The black/brown portions on the back and around the edges are starting to crack and flake as the pearl dries out is that normal? I am assuming that the black/brown areas are the parts that should be cleaned off/removed? Or am I wrong? Any information would be helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions for me. Thanks.

Also it looks like it might be worth a fair amount does anyone here know where I can get an accurate appraisal? I’m not really sure if I am interested in selling it yet but I would like to know what it is worth in todays’ market.

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Nov 19, 2015
Salt point? Really?
by: Abaloneguy

Congrats! Get an experts advice. I have a big ab pearl mounted on a gold shell as a clasp. I had the Imperfections epoxied. I have worn it nearly constantly for 15 years. It is listed on this site. there may be a way to bring out the luster by going down a few layers of nacre but don't attempt it on you may want to store it in salt water until you get it sealed......but talk to pearl expert.

Nov 18, 2015
Wow, beautiful pearl
by: Kari

Hi Kyle,

I've sent you an email with contact information for a friend in California who appraises abalone pearls. She might also be able to tell you something about how to clean it. As a general rule I think it is best not to do any polishing.

From the photos it looks amazing just how it is.

Thanks for sharing your joy with us. I can see why you'd want to consider keeping it!

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