Abalone Pearl Collection

by Adeline
(Asia Pacific)

blue-green paua pearls

blue-green paua pearls

I have never found any of these beauties but was sold a batch of these blue-green paua pearls from a certain gentleman who was atop a cod fishing boat for many years. I guess abalone hunting was what he invariably did in his spare time and I am uploading a picture of these iridescent blue-green wild abalone pearls from the haliotis iris species.

As I have since been quite taken with abalone pearls, I present to you too the pink-green almost fluorescent pearls from another abalone - haliotis rufensens (Californian red abalone). Sadly I have none albeit in their au naturale glory but nonetheless, I hope you find this antique art nouveau abalone blister ring, a vintage mabe blister pearl and a corresponding h. rufensens shell interesting.

Thanks for letting me share.

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Feb 28, 2012
I love the colors
by: Kari

Hello Adeline,

There is nothing quite like the color of abalone pearls and their shells. I love the colors and the antique art nouveau abalone blister ring is gorgeous.

I appreciate you sharing with us your collection.

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