North Coast Abalone Pearl

by Louis Brasher
(Alameda, Ca, United States)

After 24 years of diving I just scored my 2nd really nice abalone pearl. Went to Ocean Cove this last weekend for a meat dive with some friends. Sunday morning August 29, 2010 was perfect conditions with 10+ feet visibility. Pulled this pearl out of a 8" old growth abalone in about 17-20 ft from under the back side of a nice undercut on a boulder... it had a three foot ling guarding it for a bonus! I'm gonna have the abalone I pulled it from taxidermied for a display case I'll build for it. Just thought I would share this and see if there is a good appraiser in the SF bay area! Sorry my camera is not very good...Hope you can make out the beautiful nacre colors with lots of blues and greens!!

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May 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

A Ling is a Ling Cod which is a yummy fish. Sometimes when you dive for Abalone you bring your spear and while you gather Abs you can spear a fish too! Bonus!

Dec 11, 2010
Free Auction Appraisal Days
by: Kari

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pearl find!

What is "three foot ling guarding it for a bonus"?? I don't know what that is and am curious to know.

Very interesting that you will display your abalone catch.

What will you do with your pearl?

Since you are in California, you might want to check out the free auction house appraisals held by Bonhams both in San Fransisco and in LA. See: Bonhams Free Appraisal Days. Of course they are hoping you'll want to sell your pearl with them, but there is no obligation. It should prove to be very educational and helpful.

Sorry I didn't comment sooner...I guess your post slipped by me.

Thanks for your contribution!

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