4 carat Quahog Pearl for Sale

4.34 carat Quahog pearl - top

4.34 carat Quahog pearl - top

4.34 carat Quahog Pearl for Sale

This pearl is round, and slightly flat on bottom. The color is a deep lavender with a cream color on the bottom. It has high luster with no flaws. It is in its natural state and has not been cooked.

I am from the Eastern Shore of Virginia near the Chesapeake Bay. My father was a clammer most of his adult life, as were most of the men in my family. Years ago after my father passed away my step-mother gave me these three quahog pearls and said that my father found them while shucking chowder clams over the years, he kept them because the were flawless and beautiful. My father was a waterman for about 50 years, the fact that he only found three quahogs of gem quality attests to how rare these pearl actually are.

Price: $2694

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Jul 14, 2015
by: Danny

The pearl that is showcased here on the page is very attractive. I would like to know more on the details of this pearl.

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