6 Strand Pearl Set

This glorious 6 strand pearl necklace and earring set will be a hit every time you wear it. Give it a risk free try and see for yourself. Luscious!

6 strands white pearls
6 Strands White Pearls

This set is perfect for under suit jackets as it sits close to your neck and adds the glam you are looking for with your outfits.

6 strand pearls clasp
6 Strand White Pearl Clasp

This clasp is safe and super easy to do up yourself...no need for help here. You can do it yourself!

6 strand white pearls closeup
6 Strand White Pearls Closeup

This set also works well with open neck dresses or tops and speaks for you and says, "I am special & care about myself."

3 strand lavender drop earrings
3 Strand Dangle Earrings

3 strands of pure pearl dangle draws the attention even more to you lovely face and smile.

3 strand lavender drop earrings
3 Strand Dangle Earrings

Pearls don't steal the show like flashy diamonds...pearls work for you by adding an extra glow to your attitude.

6 strand lavender pearls
6 Strand Lavender Pearls

I've left off the knots because the pearls are so small that all those knots would detract from their beauty.

6 strand lavender pearls
6 Strand Dangle Pearls

That also allows me to offer such a super price on these glamorous pearls. Natural off round shapes takes this set to the artistic level of glamor.

6 strand pearl set
6 Strand Pearl Set

Pearl Type: Cultured Freshwater
Shape: Off Round
Size: 5mm
Luster: Excellent
Surface: Near Perfect
Matching: Excellent
Color: White or Lavender
Metal: Sterling Silver
Necklace length: 15.5"

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

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