April fools day find - Quahog Pearl?

by Ray Whiffen
(Port Morien Nova Scoita)

While digging Quahog Clams in Nova Scoita, at a very low tide, on April fools day 2021, I noticed a group of Seaguls hanging out about 500 meters of shore where it would normally be under water. So i walked out to find some Quahogs...little to my suprise as I aproched the area the gulls where. From about 100 feet away I saw something white, it looked large sitting on top of the sand. I thought it was a Scotch mint or a moff ball. Wow it was a Pearl! 15.5 mm. I fugger one of the Gulls spit or Shi# it out. Or it could of been there for many years. I no very little about pearls. So I'm hopeing some with knowledge of Pearls can confirm it a Pearl and give me a ball park price. Thanks for listening raywhif@gmail.com was not able to up load pic on your site. ???

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