Feminine Black and White Pearl Necklace

My daughter, Sarah, age 14, designed this black and white pearl necklace, so I named it after her...."Sarahbelle".

I've noticed that dainty people have a tendency to create dainty necklaces and vise versa. Sarah is one of those dainty petite teenagers and I'm going to tell you about her, so you'll appreciate her creation even more.

Don't let the word dainty fool you about Sarah...her real love is helping her dad with the sheep. She's developed quite a flock of her own too.

When my husband, Mark, needs help knowing "who is who" in the sheep fold...he asks Sarah. She's likely to know who the mother is, the mother's name, and maybe even the grandmother sheep's name.

When Sarah's not with her friends, doing her home school work, helping with the sheep or swimming in our pond, what is she up to?


She'll be curled up in some cozy corner, devouring a book....she "eats them like pies."

Sarah also has tons of neat ideas for pearl necklaces, like this black and white pearl necklace.

She'll often pop in on me in my little workroom when I'm creating jewelry and join in.

I love her designs...so fresh, young and happy, just like she is.

You can see by the closeup photo of these pearls that they have a clean, smooth and reflective surface.

This black and white pearl necklace will add zest to any wardrobe. A "KariPearls Original" designed by Sarah.

Sorry, this necklace & earring set is no longer available.

Go to Black Pearls after enjoying this black and white pearl necklace by Sarah.

Photos and Text © by www.karipearls.com

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