Black Pearl Tahitian...Simple Elegance

Single Black Pearl Tahitian..a Perfect Choice.

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single black pearl tahitian

I've hand picked these Tahitian pearls and mountings myself. Simplicity is all that's needed to highlight the beauty of these gorgeous pearls.

It's always exciting to wear one of can rest assured that a black Tahitian pearl is a quality fashion statement. No questions asked.

I enjoy mine so much that I sometimes forget to take it off...even when swimming, which is a super "no, no" when wearing pearls.

Always remove your pearl jewelry when swimming, bathing, showering or washing dishes. More than one pearl has loosened itself from a mounting and gone down the drain...tears.

Not only can the adhesive loosen, but chlorine and other chemicals can harm your pearls.

One day after I finished doing my routine laps in our large farm pond, horror struck me as I realized that I'd forgotten to remove my black pearl Tahitian!

Boy...was I lucky that I still had it when I trudged out onto the beach. And, believe me...that will never happen again!

This valuable Tahitian pearl doesn't belong at the bottom of a pond but around my neck. I've been super careful ever since.

A friend lost a large pearl earring in a pool also and no searching could find it please be cautious.

Tahitian Pearl Necklace Details

Color: Black--Natural pearl color
Size: 10-11mm pearl--eye-catching size
Shape: Round--most desired shape
Surface: Almost Clear--may have slight blemishes
Luster: Medium--lots of great shine

Sorry, this particular style is sold out.

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