Blister Pearls as Pendants

Blister pearls as pendants -- each unique, just like you...special. There's only one of each, so I've taken separate photos, so you can pick out the exact one you want.

Once a choice is sold, it will be removed. So, if you see one you like, it's best to buy it while it's available.

These clusters occurs when the pearl attaches to the shell as it is forming instead of making a loose pearl. The pearl then grows as part of the shell, forming a blister on the shell.

These pearl cluster pendants come complete with a chain necklace.

Blister Pearl Pendant 4
Blister Pendant

Blister Pearl Pendant 5
Blister Pendant

Blister Pearl Pendant 8
Blister Pendant

Blister Pearl Pendant 9
Blister Pendant

Sorry, blister pearl pendants are no longer available.

Blisters can also happen naturally without any nucleation. It is quite common for a natural pearl to be attached to the shell. Often it can still be removed and used as a pearl, but often, especially in freshwater pearl culturing, the blister is very lovely and used to make these creative, beautiful pearl pendants.

See more white pearl choices after Blister Pearls as Pendants.

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