Chef Mike Finds a Quahog Pearl

by Michael
(Eastham Ma.)

Hi, My name is Mike and I was a chef for 9 yrs.

I shucked about 40 thousand quahogs during this time.
A customer got a small pearl in their white clam sauce about 20 thousand clams in, and I found one which I still have towards the end of this time, much larger though. It's oval shaped,dark lavender/purple about 3/8 in. How much do you think it's worth, great condition? I'll send a picture soon!

Kari's Note: These pearls have value and are fast becoming very collectable. The famous Golash Brooch increased the awareness of quahog pearls. Folks who'd collected shells for years never knew quahogs produced lovely pearls and others who had quahog pearls tucked away for safe keeping started to wonder with heightened interest at their worth.

The fact that Chef Mike had to shuck as many quahogs as he did before finding a quahog pearl attests to the rarity of these pearls.

Consider yourself very fortunate to be the owner of a quahog pearl!

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