Chezzetcook (Halifax) pearls

by Heather
(Chezzetcook (Halifax))

Chezzetcook (Halifax) pearls

Chezzetcook (Halifax) pearls

My 8 year old son was exploring in the backyard and found some mussels on the shoreline. He brought them home so I cooked them. When we attempted to eat them we realized they were just too pearly to eat. I cleaned them up and they are beautiful!

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Oct 19, 2022
Oh, wow, certainly gorgeous
by: Kari

Hello Heather, Oh, wow, they are certainly gorgeous pearls. So many shades of purple. Sorry you weren't able to have a snack on the mussels but your prize was worth it all I'm sure.

Lucky you to have found natural blue mussel pearls in your own backyard.

Have you been finding more lately too?

Thanks for sharing your story and photo!

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