Monster Chinese Fresh Water Pearls

These "monster" Chinese fresh water pearls resemble Jonathan Seagull & Flipper the Dolphin. They make great freshwater pearl necklaces and are sure to get comments!

Baroque cultured freshwater pearls in oversize. I've kept the wire wrapping very simple so it won't detract from the dolphin and seagull shapes.

Chinese Freshwater Pearl Flipper the Dolphin
Chinese Freshwater Pearl Flipper the Dolphin 57 x 27mm

The art of producing cultured Chinese fresh water pearls has been practiced by the Chinese for centuries. They used several forms of matrices or nuclei, but principally spheres of nacre and bits of flat metal or molded lead, which were not infrequently in conventional outline of Buddha. In the spring or early summer, these were introduced under the mantle of the living mollusk after the shell had been carefully opened a fraction of an inch, and the animal was then returned to the pond or lake.

Flipper the Chinese Freshwater Pearl
Flipper the Pink & White Chinese Freshwater Pearl on Sterling

Sorry, this is no longer available.

After a few days the nuclei will be attached to the shell by a membranous secretion; later this appears to be impregnated with calcareous matter, and finally layers of nacre are deposited around each nucleus.

Chinese Freshwater Pearl SeaGull
Chinese Freshwater Pearl Seagull Sold

In 1908 about five thousand families were employed in this work in connection with rice growing and silk culture. In the village of Chung-kwan-o a temple has been erected to the memory of the originator of this industry, Yu Shun yang, who lived late in the thirteenth century.

Jonathan Seagull Chinese Freshwater Pearl
Jonathan Seagull Chinese Freshwater Pearl Sold

Unique freshwater cultured pearl jewelry stands out and gets noticed. If you are a dolphin fan you'll love owning this neat pearl "Flipper". I still remember watching with endearment that movie as a kid and this pearl reminds me of him.

Sorry, Jonathan Seagull is already sold. But, check out this large white Chinese keshi pearl necklace.

Chinese Freshwater Mussel & Dolphin & Seagull
Chinese Freshwater Mussel & Dolphin & Seagull

Here is the unlikely pair of freshwater pearly mammal and bird on a Chinese mussel covered with blister pearls.

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