Christian Symbols: Pearls, Sheep, Water & Bread

Major Christian symbols are universal objects found all over the world.

What do the sheep my husband raises, the pearls I sell, the water in our pond and the bread our daughter, Sarah, bakes all have in common?

Glad you asked!

Chelsey, a visitor to my website wrote to me and asked this,

"Hi Kari! I was wondering if you have done anymore research on the significance of the pearl. Have you realized anything new about Jesus?"

I love thought-provoking questions and Chelsey's question certainly got my mental wheels turning.

At first I "drew a blank" as to anything new I've been learning about Jesus...then it dawned on me loud and clear: I had been learning lots of things about Jesus through the building of our websites.


As I was searching for sheep posters for my husband's I realized how universal sheep are.

I found photos of sheep from every corner of the globe...the high Himalayan Mountains (where cashmere wool comes from) to the deserts of Syria...Amazing! Sheep can not only live but flourish almost anywhere in the world.

Then I realized what a great symbol a sheep was for Jesus and as a Christian symbol, simply because of that fact...they are universal...available almost everywhere.

It is lambing time here in Iowa...imagine over 50 bouncy little new baby lambs adding new life and joy to our farmyard.


I started thinking about other Christian symbols, like that's a no-brainer...sure, it is everywhere for everyone.

Speaking of water, we are thrilled that the winter snow melts this spring have filled our pond to capacity...can't wait to start my daily swimming routine!


OK...another Christian symbol: bread. Every country has some type of bread. You name a place...yup...there's some type of bread there...from lefse in Norway to tortillas in Mexico, from matzos in Israel to pastries in the Czech Republic.

I've had the pleasure and privilege to visit about forty countries and yes...everywhere there is some type and usually many types of bread.

Of course, I'm a little partial to the our daughter, Sarah, bakes for us out of freshly ground wheat...ummmmm.


How about pearls? Yes, another Christian symbol and symbol of Jesus. Here again, they are found everywhere in the world. Anywhere there is water, it seems pearls can be found. This surprised me at first, because it is not something one often considers or even thinks about.

I just bought some pearls from Alaska and I have a friend who found a pearl in Alaska while she was there. Ever think of pearls from Alaska? Not normally.

I hear from folks in all corners of the world who find natural pearls...from eastern USA, Vietnam, British Isles, Caribbean Islands, China, New Zealand. I love hearing about natural pearls and it has opened my eyes to the universality of them which makes them so appropriate as Christian symbols and symbols of Jesus.

Yes....sheep, water, bread and pearls...each one is a Christian symbol and rightly so. The message: Jesus is available to all in every place.

So as I'm working with our sheep's wool, eating the meat, swimming in our pond, relishing our homemade bread or writing about pearls...I think of Jesus and His overwhelming love and availability to us.

Thank you, Chelsey, for prompting these thoughts.

Learn more about pearls as Christian symbols.

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