Coco Chanel Popular with College Aged

Coco Chanel Popular with College Aged

To don Chanel's quintessential little black dress now as she did in 1926, festooned in pearls and costume jewelry, would be foolish: that fashion has since faded.

Early Undated Photo of French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel

Early Undated Photo of French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel

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Following her decree that fashion passes, style remains, the originality of Coco Chanel's trademark pieces has since passed, and yet, her style is still worth emulating. Instead of being sartorial outliers, the fashions of Coco Chanel have become traditions to be reinterpreted. It is imperative to own at least one little black dress, but reinterpret it as Chanel would today, not in the 20s. Pearls are always a luxurious companion to an evening gown, but they can also befriend a casual v-neck. Instead of only emerging in the nocturnal hours, red lipstick can be worn during the day, with yoga pants, or a Chanel business suit.

In order to channel Chanel's sense of style, maturity is essential. The mistake most women make is to believe that one is ready for Chanel too soon. To embody Chanel's sense of casual luxury and daring originality takes years to perfect. Teenage girls parading about with a Chanel handbag in one hand and a bedazzled iPhone in the other fail to understand the beliefs behind the brand, the ideals regarding refinement and luxury. Young people often view Chanel as a stamp of the wealth and class they aspire to emulate, rather than a much larger ideal regarding personal awareness, nonconformity and style.

In 1925, she introduced the now legendary Chanel suit: a collarless, boxy jacket paired with a trim, knee-length skirt, shorter and much more liberating than the stricter prevailing fashions of the time. Chanel's pieces accentuated the female frame, rather than contorting the body like a corset. She was also the first to reinterpret the use of black, previously ordained as a color of mourning, with her iconic little black dresses.

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