Stunning Coin Pearl Necklace

This eye-catching coin pearl necklace dresses up any outfit. Coin pearls...just the right touch.

What do you get when you take 47 brilliant shimmering coin pearls and put them in one 23" necklace....a fabulous addition to your jewelry arsenal....a "wow" weapon!

Add to that necklace a pair of matching 3 pearl dangle earrings and you're ready for a night on the town...or a day at the office...or a day of're ready for just about anything.

Give yourself that extra lift that so helps us get through our days with the wind in our wings.

I designed these myself...the 3 pearl earrings are especially smashing and the longer length necklace is great with so many tops.

When I get into my little pearl workshop...I have a blast creating things for my website, like this coin pearl necklace.


Length: 23"
Size: 12mm coin pearls
Color: White
Shape: Coin shape
Luster: Medium/high
Clasp and earring hooks: Sterling Silver

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

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