Con Dao island Pearl Farm Vietnam

Con Dao island Pearl Farm Vietnam

From the centre of the Con Dao district, it is easy to ask for the way to the house of the ‘pearl Westerner,’ a nickname the Con Dao people call Jordan Lee, from Australia.

Jordan Lee is the first foreigner to start business in Con Dao island by opening a farm to raise oysters to cultivate pearls.

With an initial investment of over a hundred of thousand dollars, after six years, the couple of Jordan and Pham Thi Kim Cuc multiplied hundreds of millions of young oysters and released them to the sea.

The couple have been particularly successful in cultivating pearls in the oysters and have already harvested cultivated pearls.

Jordan has not only helped save oysters but has also created a trademark for Con Dao cultivated pearls.

The villa where the family of Jordan and Kim Cuc live and also the office of the Con Dao Pearl Company has been decorated in such a way that any one can realize at once the passion for sea and pearls of its owners.

Jordan displays the first cultivated pearls he has harvested in the two cases in the house, the achievements the couple has recorded after overcoming great difficulties.

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by: Chan Luu

Am Chan Luu,a vietnamese/American jewelry designer living in United States.Am interested in pearls harvested from Vietnam,especially in Con Dao island.I do a lot of business in Japan, and I believe vietnanese pearl will be well appreciated in japan,and I would like to work a project on Con Dao island w/the pearls harvested from this island.
I need a contact person from from the pearl farm.
my email is
let me hear back from you?
Chan luu

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