Cultured Pearls Sterling Clasp

Cultured pearls sterling clasp will always be in style. Sterling is in good taste and I don't see this changing anytime soon.

Early on in my business when I started I made a decision to use sterling silver for my clasps. You see, I can spot a good deal when I see one. As a mother of 7, yes, 7 children, I have needed to fine tune my "bargain hunting skills." And after 35 years of marriage and raising our little chittlings on a shoe-string budget, my eye for good deals is pretty sharpened. I watched the price of gold rise and rise and rise, I leaned heavily on sterling silver which is a great metal and only a fraction of the cost of gold.

I know there are many others "out there" in the real world like me who look for good prices on fantastic items, like pearls, for instance. It is you I want to do business with and provide with elegant, yet affordable fine jewelry.

It is the same with pearls. Yes, there are "out of sight costly pearls" available. But, did you know that even imperfect pearls can be gorgeous and only cost a fraction of the price?

Actually, imperfect pearls are gaining in popularity super fast, especially among young ladies. Yes, they love their mothers and grandmothers, but they are their own persons and often want a creative twist on a classic favorite like pearls. Where grandmother insisted on a perfect set of pearls, today's young woman goes more for the realistic look of pearls which aren't afraid to show their beauty marks.

Many even prefer imperfect pearls. I have heard this countless numbers of times especially from the younger set.

After all, if they are perfect, who can tell whether they are real or not? The stores are filled with simulated perfect pearls.

Pearls with what I call "beauty marks" are a dead ringer for authenticity. And that is what the world is looking for authenticity, not fakes, right?

I see this every day in my own family. My children embrace uniqueness, like worn out bluejeans or custom designed sweatshirts (cut up that is by themselves to the shape and use they really want).

There's a fresh style these days and cultured pearls sterling clasp is one of those fresh styles. There's no need to invest hundreds of dollars on gold clasps, which is often what makes pearl jewelry so expensive.

Also, most of the young ladies I know prefer sterling silver or white gold for wedding bands and jewelry in general.

Yes, cultured pearls sterling clasp are here to stay and I think will only grow in popularity.

So...Go ahead...Snatch, Swipe, Purchase, Aquire, Buy or Grab some of my lovely cultured pearls sterling clasp.

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