Culturing Akoya Pearls in Central Australia

Culturing Akoya Pearls in Central Australia

FOUR oyster farmers on the Central Coast are changing the face of the Australian pearl industry by successfully cultivating in the waters of Broken Bay.

The Australian cultured pearl industry is predominantly located in Western Australia (centred on Broome), and the Northern Territory, but the men behind Broken Bay Pearls have now put the Central Coast on the industry map.

Oyster farmers Ian Crisp, Roger Clarke, Peter Clift and Denis Paterson are harvesting their fourth crop in Brisbane Water this week and are expected to collect between 10,000 and 20,000 pearls over about seven days.

The pearls retail in jewellery stores for anywhere between $300 to $1500, for a pair of gold and pearl earrings, to $8000 for a quality strand.

While still a relatively small producer, Broken Bay Pearls is the only company cultivating pearls in NSW and Mr Crisp believes this is due to the pristine environment in Broken Bay.

"Site selection and a good environment is critical to pearl production. You need high water quality and a catchment not affected too much by fresh water to succeed," he said.

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by: Ernie

The pearls that are shared here on the website are superb. I am interested in collecting pearls and this site has helped me by providing the details of the various pearls. Thank you so much for sharing the post.

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