Driveway Pearl

by Desiree

About 1 year ago i found a pearl in my shell driveway.I measured it, it is about 18mm. It is not perfectly round and you can see where it was attached to the shell on the bottom. It is a natural or baroque pearl, its color is orient, which means it is multicolored. I to would like to sell this pearl,but it is hard to find anyone who knows about pearls or their value. Please let me know what you think.

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Mar 27, 2009
I love it!
by: Kari

I love your story, Desiree. I can't imagine finding a pearl in your own driveway. It must have been very exciting.

And, hey, a driveway made of pearls, wow. I remember when we visited Louisiana years ago and so many roads were not made with gravel, but white shells. The sun would reflect so strongly off those white shells that it hurt my eyes.

During the pearl button days here in Muscatine, roads would also be paved in shells.

Thanks for sharing, but we'd love to see a photo. You can email me a photo here: karipearls (at)gmail(dot)com

And as far as value, that depends upon so many factors, like size, color, shape, luster, etc. But there certainly are buyers for quahog pearls.

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