Fossil Giant Clamshell Luxury Basin


Fossil clamshell polished to perfection.

Fossil clamshell polished to perfection.

Fossil clamshell polished to perfection.

Type of shell: Tridacna Gigantea single clam shell

Weight: From 40-120 kg (90-260Ibs)

Shape: single clam basin

Size: 1.5-4 feet

Several choices available. Let us know your desired size.

Color: white/beige

Location of Origin: Kenya

Every clam is polished to perfection. You can see your own reflection in these clams.

Certificate: Being fossil giant clams from an extinct species (T.Gigantea) these clams don't fall under CITES regulations as do modern day's T.Gigas, hence they can be exported worldwide. A fossil certificate and documentation is issued for every clam.

Price: No longer available

One of our clam shells (67kg) recently sold for $3,900 through Bonhams Auction House.

Fossilized clam shells are sometimes found in coral reef limestone along coastal area quarries. The limestone is the building block in the production of cement. This coral reef was formed during the Pleistocene historic period, the time of the Ice Ages. The main build up of the reef took place during the main integral period (240,000 to 125,000 years ago). During the later interglacial period, sea levels rose up to 20 meters above sea level, and during this time the biggest part of the fossil reef was build up. These fossil clam shells are only found on land and not in the sea as they became extinct. Their location near the surface suggests that they only lived here during the later part of the second reef building period in the Pleistocene. Today, giant clams (T.Gigas) only occur in the eastern Indian and the Pacific oceans.

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May 31, 2019
Fossilized giant clam shell
by: Anonymous

I have this kind of fossilized giant clam shell which i've found here in my place during the road widening. It is estimited 2 feet wide and its thickness is 4-5 inches., and it weights 85 kilograms. If someone wants to see, i have a picture on this. Thanks

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