Natural Blister Pearls

Natural blister pearls -- Here are a few photos of these occurrences of nature.

Here's a very large natural pearl from the giant clam, Tridacna Gigas....only this clam could ever grow a pearl this huge!

The Pearl of Elias, having grown at the hinge of the clam, is undoubtedly one of the largest pearls in the world. Up until now, it has been virtually unknown and only has been recently named.

Natural Blister Pearl of Elias
Natural Pearl of Elias

This large pearl below, which is partly fossilized, is also from the giant clam and still attached to the shell. Boy, these clams must enjoy making pearls! Since the large clams never leave their resting place or move, maybe that makes them more prone to grow pearls.

Diogelorcas Pearl
Diogelorcas Pearl

You may comment on the Diogelorcas pearl here.

It is for sale (contact me if interested in purchasing this pearl and shell).

It would make a tremendous one-of-a-kind museum piece.

For you information, the famous Pearl of Allah is also from this type of clam.

Freshwater Blister Pearl Naturally Formed

Blister Pearl
Rakesh Freshwater Blister Pearl

This natural blister pearl is a freshwater pearl found in India. You may comment on this pearl here.

Rakesh Pearl
Rakesh Pearl

This pearl has been certified as a naturally occurring blister pearl.

The next three are natural South Sea blister pearls.

Natural Blister Pearl Near Hinge
Natural Blister Pearl Near Hinge

Natural Blister Pearl South Sea
Natural Blister Pearls South Sea

Natural Blister Pearl South Sea
Natural Blister Pearl South Sea

Create a Free Page on About Your Natural Pearls

Obviously, I am super interested in pearls and would love hearing from anyone who has found natural pearls or large ones like these.

You may create your own free page or pages on my site by sharing a photo and your story of finding a natural pearl or pearls. Create as many pages as you like. There is a fast growing interest in natural pearls and I think this interest will only increase. As cultured pearls become more and more affordable and available, the focus will shift to God's sovereign made natural pearls and they will become highly sought after once again. Read more about Pearl of Elias, one of these large natural blister pearls.

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