fossil with a pearl in it?

by Danette
( New Mexico, USA)

Fossil with pearl in it?

Fossil with pearl in it?

I found this fossil many years ago and put it away. I was cleaning out my storage and ran in to it. I had forgotten that I even had it.

What it looks like is a fossil shell with a pearl sticking out of it. I am sending you a picture can you please let me know what it looks like to you?
Thank You

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Apr 07, 2016
It could be
by: Kari

Hello Danette,

Yes, it does look like it could be so.

I think you should send it to GIA and see what they have to say about it.

A friend of mine sent his fossil pearls there and they confirmed that they were indeed fossil pearls.

You can read part of the article GIA wrote here.

Danette, I am interested in selling fossil pearls on my site. Please let me know what more you can find out about your pearl and possibly you could list it for sale on my site.

Thanks for sharing!

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