Found A Freshwater Pearl?

Ever found a freshwater pearl?

Last time I was visiting my mother at my childhood home in Echo, Minnesota, I told an old friend about this website that I'm making and how I love pearls. She surprised me by saying that her mother has a ring with two natural pearls from the Minnesota River in it. One pearl is white, the other lavender. I have yet to see and photograph that ring....but I was amazed that right behind my parents' farm pearls were found in the river.

Lake Pepin Pearls
Natural Lake Pepin Pearls

These gorgeous beauties in this photo are from Minnesota also. They were found in Lake Pepin which is a widening of the Mississippi River.

Have you found a pearl? Many countries in the world have pearls in the freshwater mollusks. Here is one found in India.

I invite you to upload a photo or video of your pearl and tell us how you found it and anything else you'd like to share about it.

Have You Found A Natural Freshwater Pearl?

Do you have a great story about finding a natural freshwater pearl? Share it!

My young friends who live along the Mississippi River found three pearls one day when gathering a few mussels for fish bait.

Misshapen freshwater pearls used to be called slugs....but today, we are much more appreciative of these natural beauties and even if they are not perfectly round, they are still treasures.

If they are perfectly round, then you have a valuable pearl for sure.

I invite you to share your story of finding a natural freshwater pearl and don't forget to add a photo!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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fossil with a pearl in it 
I found this fossil many years ago and put it away. I was cleaning out my storage and ran in to it. I had forgotten that I even had it. What it looks …

fossil with a pearl in it? 
I found this fossil many years ago and put it away. I was cleaning out my storage and ran in to it. I had forgotten that I even had it. What it looks …

Freshwater Pearl found on Fiji Islands 
I found the pearl in one of the Freshwater mussel I got from diving in the Rewa River near Nausori Town. My mother-in-law saw the pearl after cleaning …

found a small pearl... 
Last Sunday we went to the river for a walk and decided to take some mussel and clam shells. While cleaning the mud off a mussel shell, I noticed a small …

juniata river pearls 
I can remember my grandfather telling me stories of him and his brothers finding fw pearls while fishing the Juniata. He and I …

Found a Black Pearl on the Blue River! 
I found this pearl whilst on a canoe trip down the Blue River near Corydon, Indiana a couple of years ago. We stopped for lunch at a bend in the river …

I found a pearl  
My wife fixed me some oyster stew as I was chewing I found a round pea shape pearl. It was like finding the needle in the haystack. I would like to know …

Fresh water natural pearl (Heart shaped rare n antique pearl ) 
Hello, I am Lakhwinder Singh Mattu from India. Longtime back a group of saints from the himalyan region of India visited my place that time they …

Freshwater Blister Pearl Vancouver Island  
I was walking the boom-logs because the tide was out, and I saw this nice shell so I picked it up and looked inside, I could see a white lump in it, so …

Flat River Pearls from Michigan 
I live near the Flat River in Michigan, and just today I found 15 natural pearls while looking for clams. They're all perfectly rounded and about the same …

Ms Jolene Smyth Found a Pearl 
I'm not sure what kind off pearl it is. I order mussels and as I was eating them I bit something hard and out popped a small pearl. I was a very happy …

I think I have a freshwater pearl 
We live on the San Antonio River in Texas and kayaked up the river a few months ago. We found a mussel shell, opened and "empty", and brought it home …

Pearls of the Mississippi 
As a child my brother and I would visit our Great Aunts who lived in Le Claire, Iowa right along the Mississippi. We would go down to the river and look …

What is this shell doing here? 
About twenty years ago, when I was just eight years old, I was playing in the backyard of our new home when I found a few shells scattered around. I dug …

Freshwater Pearl Found on Vacation 
I was on vacation with my mom and dad and I was snorkeling around this island where my parents had found two fresh water pearls a few years ago, and as …

A Treasure in the Rough 
One day I was cat fishing in my home town creek. Suddenly, I saw a few clams siting in the water as a fish swam by. I decided to pick the clams up. They …

Virgilio Luib Pearl 
The pearl on the center is a Natural Saltwater 12mm golden white pearl. It was found in the waters of Nonoc Island in Dinagat, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. …

Arkansas freshwater pearl 
These pearls have also been found in Arkansas in the Arkansas River. I know because my grandfather once found one while fishing.

I just found a pearl today 
The pearl is quite nice, white, bigger than your average jewelry pearl and perfectly round... I found it on the shore of Orman Dam here in South Dakota, …

The Cache Creek Pearl 
At 63 grams or 314 carats-we are claiming it to be the largest pearl found in the state of Oklahoma, possibly the largest found in the continental Americas, …

Muscatine Pearl Slugs at Pearl Button Museum 
Anyone crazy about pearls will love seeing these Mississippi River pearl slugs. They are on display at our local museum which is just two blocks away …

Muscatine Button Museum Pearl Ring 
This lovely pearl ring is on display at our local Pearl Button Museum, which has recently been revamped into a top-of-the-line historical museum. …

Ann Moody Pearls 
As I was visiting my friend, Ann Moody, in her delightful shop, AnnsArts, on mainstreet in Muscatine one day she told me about her Muscatine pearls that …

Freshwater Blister Pearl 
One Large pearl weight 48.18 carats and 30mm wide is unusual in size and a natural blister pearl obtained in the fresh water mussel. Color is pinkish …

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A pearl 35 years in the family Not rated yet
When my mother was a young girl, her brother found a pearl in a shell in Minnesota and gave it to her. My mother gave it to me about 10 years ago and I'm …

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