juniata river pearls

by David Pierce
(Lewistown, PA)

I can remember my grandfather telling me stories of him and his brothers finding fw pearls while fishing the Juniata. He and I often looked while netting bait but never got lucky. My pap is gone now but I still look every time I go to the river. So far I've found 3, one of which was perfectly round and the other 2 were odd shaped. All three were a milky to antique white color.

Sorry I don't have any pics. All three were sold to a local jeweler.
I have a question. How potentially valuable are they? I sold all three for $65 six yrs ago!

D.S. Pierce

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Aug 26, 2018
by: Anonymous

What wonderful memories of you and your grandfather; I'm glad you kept on the tradition!

Aug 25, 2013
Values vary
by: Kari

Hi David,

I'd say you had a pretty good record if you found 3 pearls. Good for you.

Values vary greatly on natural freshwater pearls. Taking a look at the ones for sale on my site will give you an idea of price range. Natural USA Freshwater Pearls

I think as natural pearls become rarer and cultured pearls become abundant, that prices on natural pearls will continue to increase. Of course, much depends upon the quality of a pearl and things like size, shape, color, surface, luster.

Some jewelers would not even appreciate natural pearls, so you were maybe fortunate to find one who did and decided to buy them.

Keep looking, maybe you'll find more!

Thanks for sharing.

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