I just found a pearl today

by Rich E.
(Spearfish, SD, USA)

The pearl is quite nice, white, bigger than your average jewelry pearl and perfectly round...

I found it on the shore of Orman Dam here in South Dakota, I always keep an eye out for fossil shark teeth and the like out there.

It took me a long time to be sure it wasn't a small marble, but it had mother-of-pearl irridescence and no seams or holes... Also rough to the teeth. I was pretty pleased with myself, I wonder what they're worth?

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Aug 26, 2018
Shark Teeth AND Pearls in SD!?!
by: Chris Rogers

I would NEVER have guessed you could find either of those in South Dakota let along BOTH of those treasures. You're a very lucky hunter indeed!!

Aug 13, 2008
A rare find
by: Kari

Hi Rich,

It sounds like a very rare find, especially since it's round, etc. But you must have an eye for rare finds, who would ever think that fossil shark's teeth could be found in SD? Have you found many of those? What sorts of other things do you look for? Maybe we can all learn something from you.

We'd love to see a photo of your find. Have you had it verified? If you attach a photo to an email I can add it to your page for you. karipearls(at)gmail(dot)com

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