Found a Black Pearl on the Blue River!

by Phil
(Fishers, IN)

Black pearl found in Blue River

Black pearl found in Blue River

I found this pearl whilst on a canoe trip down the Blue River near Corydon, Indiana a couple of years ago. We stopped for lunch at a bend in the river where there were freshwater mussel shells everywhere. I sat down to eat lunch and right at the waters edge, in amongst the shells was the pearl. My wife keeps telling me it can't be a pearl, but I looked at it under a microscope in the lab at work and it certainly has the characteristics of a pearl. It is about 15mm in diameter and almost jet black. It is not perfectly round - it wobbles a little if you roll it on the table!

I may have to get it valued one of these days just to put my mind at rest if it is actually a real pearl or not!

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Feb 27, 2015
by: Kohler

Now this is what I called luck that comes along with good timing too. It is so beautiful and something that cost much too. it looks wonderful and I hope that could remain a special gift to some girl in the future.

Oct 09, 2013
Buga Pearls are rare
by: Moses Kaukui

I agreed with you, I have some river pearls with me found in our rivers in the Bouganville and solomon Islands, now I have possession of some, beautiful colors. dark, green, blue and yellow. it normally says with Gold. I want to try and sell or find a buyer perhaps in Europe? View?

Jul 03, 2013
by: Chris Rogers

What a superb find, that is beautiful!! I'll bet the trip was spectacular in itself but to find such a treasure makes it a doubly pleasurable story!!

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