Found a Pearl in my clam while on vacation in Saratoga NY

by Shari Cardinale
(Geneva NY)

My Fiance and I were on vacation this week in Saratoga NY and I found a pearl in my clam. It is not perfectly round and not all the same color it is purple on one end and fades into white on the other end. I had ordered a seafood platter and the clams that came on it were broken pieces of shell and had fragments of meat in them so the waitress brought me four new clams. My fiance was eating his cheesecake for dessert by the time the new clams were served so I found the pearl while he was enjoying his dessert. Needless to say, I was very excited and was happy to be eating clams for dessert instead of cheescake. LOL

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Aug 30, 2008
Worth the wait
by: Kari

Hi Shari, sounds like the new plate of clams were worth the wait! Did you show the pearl to the waitress at the restaurant? I'll bet they would have been surprised too.

Thanks for sharing. We'd love to see a photo. What are you going to do with your pearl?

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