Found a Quahog Pearl in Las Vegas

by Miss Brandee

Miss B's Pearl!

Miss B's Pearl!

Our company was in Las Vegas, NV for the Hosptiality Design show. As our trip was winding down on 5/17/08 we opted to have an early dinner since our flight back to Phoenix would be a later arrival. We decided to eat at Spago (Wolfgang Puck Resturant in Caesar's Palace). I order a seafood pasta dish with clams, mussels and shrimp. I bit down and thought, oh my. I broke my tongue ring bead (which is made of entirely of gold) slowly I spite the bead out in my hand.. and it was a dark round, purple hue object with the skin of the clam still on it.

I had heard about the couple in FL, and recalled it's a pearl and rare. Surprisingly enough, the waiter or manager didn't offer to give me a discount on my meal, just checked to see if my teeth were fine.

Anyhow, I have no clue what it is worth. I'm hoping to get it in to have it checked out. THe purple color is the same hue all the way around, it's perfectly round.

Size, I'm not really sure either but its the size of a large pea.

The picture was taken with my cell phone and keep in mind, I'm a 5'11" so my hands are not exactly small for a woman.

Thanks for letting me share my story and picture.

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Jun 16, 2008
re: Gorgeous
by: Miss B

I'm really not sure if I would sell it. I suppose for the right price anything can be sold! Good things come to those who wait!

Jun 06, 2008
by: Mandy

That is a gorgeous little thing! Are you considering selling it?

May 25, 2008
Thanks for sharing
by: Kari


So these neat purple pearls even make their way to Las Vegas? I'm glad you were the lucky lady to find it that day, someone else may not have appreciated it as much.

Thanks for sharing!

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