Found a Quahog Pearl - K&G pearl

by Gary Mott
(New York)

Found a Quahog Pearl - K&G pearl

Found a Quahog Pearl - K&G pearl

Hi, in March of 2020 while living on Cape Cod I was digging quahogs in the Bass River in South Dennis, Massachusetts. I was getting a batch to make stuffies (stuffed clams). I had steamed them first as I always do and as I was taking them from the shell, I saw this purple object. It was round, hard and very shiny. I realized what it was and got very excited. I started showing it to everyone. I even called my friends who were very excited (and jealous) for me. I read and heard that they can be valuable. I have not had it appraised but twice My wife tried to get me to turn it into a new bathroom in our house. I said not a chance as they are so rare. It would make a beautiful necklace but my wife doesn't wear necklaces. For now it is in her jewelry box. It is 10.23 mm in diameter and 9.017 mm in height. As I have read on your website that I can name it, We will call it the K&G pearl. That's for Kathleen and Gary. Thank you

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Mar 02, 2024
Oh wow, how exciting!
by: Kari

Oh wow, how exciting to find a rare purple quahog pearl in your own hand dug clams! 10.23mm is a super amazing size too and it is so perfect. Such a lovely rare quahog pearl.

Does your wife wear rings? Maybe that would be a way for her to enjoy it?

I liked that you named it and a very fitting name too - K&G Pearl. Pearls with names are so much more happy :)

Stuffed clams are amazing. I've eaten them in Virginia.

Thank you for sharing. Take good care of that pearl is a winner!


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