by LaDon McDaniel
(Rome Ga. )

Obama Presidential Pearl

Obama Presidential Pearl

We are native American and believe in signs like the white buffalo, a rare powerful sign to us. So Wed. 2/13/08 we ate at a Chinese Buffet in Rome, Georgia and got raw oysters and my husband bit into a pearl.

We thought it was black but as it dried we realized it was a blueish purple color.

Since we support Barrack Obama we decided to name it the "Obama Presidential Pearl" because he is as rare as the pearl. Like the white buffalo we beleive Obama is a sign of change and better times. YES WE CAN!

If anyone has any info on the pearl we found please let us know.

We are enjoying sharing our pearl but wanted to let you know we were in the local Rome News Tribune paper today for our find.

We also wanted to let everyone know if we sell this pearl a portion of the money will go to the National Epilepsy Foundation as I am epileptic and they have been of great service to me with much info.

Read more about McDaniel's pearl here.


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Apr 13, 2009
Great story!
by: Ethan

Wow this is a really neat story. What are the chances of biting into a blue pearl like this!?

Maybe I should eat seafood more often...


Mar 10, 2008
Your blue pearl
by: Patty

What a wonderful story. My mom got a blue pearl in the 1960's when she visited a pearl "dive and retrieve" exhibit at SeaWorld outside of LA.

She had it set in a white gold and diamond-chip pendant; I recently had it re-set in a yellow gold circular pendant which accentuates it's silvery/blue color more.

I always have people comment on how unusual and beautiful it is.

Your charitable thoughts are well-received by me - what a wonderful love of life the two of you must have.

I believe, still, in the White Buffalo - and my son-in-law is 1/8 American Indian.

Thank you so much for sharing with me your story!

Feb 16, 2008
Pruple Oyster Pearl
by: Kari

It's pretty exciting to find a pearl unexpectedly....and it's neat that you take it as a sign. Thanks for sharing.

Natural pearls always make great conversation pieces and a private collector's item. Making a simple drop pearl necklace out of it would be a nice way to enjoy and display it.

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