Giant Pearls of the Orient Seas - Philippines

(Palawan, Philippines)

0.600 kg/Kambong

0.600 kg/Kambong

We have discovered/found pearls of various sizes fished from the waters of northern Palawan. Our intent is to have it certified as authentic pearls so we tried to coordinate with the national museum and the bfar (philippines) to help us document the said finds.

These pearls are large and may even be considered as the largest in the world, defying that one called 'Pearl of Allah or the Pearl of the King, as to size. We tried to seek foreign analysis of the smallest we have in keeping, but accordingly, it was a nacre.

First question, do we consider clams like tridacna gigas as nacreous. I have read in most research works I did that large clams are non-nacreous. Therefore, there must be an error in the identification of the clam stone.

Second, in the sense that large clam pearls had not yet hit world fame and trade, and are less scientifically studied as to their value and proper classification, where is the best market for these so called giant clam pearls?

Third, who are the proper authorities to do the classification, certification and documentation of such for them to be considered authentic clam pearls and not just shell outgrowth.

I am sending you copies of the clam stones or clam pearls we keep which we have initially named for the sake of identifying the stone images.

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