Found a Giant Clam Pearl?

A giant clam pearl can almost take one's breathe away....they can be sooo large, like this one in the photo below. You can tell by the comparison with the man's hands that it is really huge.

Giant Pearl

They can grow large enough to fill a man's hand and even the largest pearl on record, Pearl of Lao-Tse, is from this mollusk, the Tridacna Gigas.

You are invited to show us a photo or video of your pearl and tell us all about finding it.

Have You Found A Giant Clam Pearl?

Do you have a great story about finding a pearl in the Giant Clam? Share it!

Undoubtedly, the Giant Clam (Tridacna Gigas) can grow the largest pearls...the largest pearl in the world is from this mollusk and other large pearls have also been found. You can see another giant pearl on my homepage.

I invite you to show a photo and tell your story of finding a pearl from the Giant Clam.

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2 Clam Pearl Cone Shape Full Flame 9+ carats Total for Sale 
Type of pearl: Clam pearls Weight: 6.4 carats & 3.25 carats Shape: Cone Size: 13x8.5mm & 10x5.5mm Color: White with Full Flame …

Pearl of Gloria! 
My name is Charlie Hollenbach and I personally had taken a leap of faith when leaving the United States on October 22, 2016 and arrived in the Philippines …

Giant Pearls of the Orient Seas - Philippines 
We have discovered/found pearls of various sizes fished from the waters of northern Palawan. Our intent is to have it certified as authentic pearls so …

12 Kilos giant clam pearl 
I have a giant clam pearl its about 12 kolos, and I'm looking for a buyer of that pearl who can help me to find a buyer.

Giant Clam with One Inch Pearl 
This mollusk comes from the waters of the Sulu Sea near Brookes Point, Palawan, and I believe it is Tridacna Gigas, or a Giant Clam. The Shell measures …

Could this be a Tridacna Gigas Pearl? 
This object was found in a giant clam shell in the Philippines. What is it? Could it be a pearl? It obviously doesn't look like a pearl, but could it …

Another Giant Pearl found 
Hello, I have another giant pearl, found relatively recently in the Philippines, that weighs about 9 lbs. I would like to find out what it's value may …

Giant Clam 
I found a one ton oyster with a pearl as big as my hand in the pacific ocean while fishing for leopard sharks.

Pearl weighing 5.5kg  
Dear Kari, I have found a pearl weighing 5.5kg (12lbs 2oz) which I think it was from a Giant Clam (Tridacna Gigas) - this information about giant clam …

Fossilized Clam Shells with Blister Pearls?  
Hello, I bought these two shells on a visit to Singapore. I have been told that they are fossils, and they sure feel and look like it. I was told …

Giant Clam Pearl? 
Hi, My stepfather and I like to work with stones, shaping them into objects, taro pounders and jewelry. I used to collect giant clam shells dredged …

2.6 Kilogram Pearl 
Hi Kari, I am holding a pearl weighing 2.6 kilograms. And I will have it certify within this week. I know not if this is the second largest pearl. …

Diogelorcas Pearl (Venus-Style) 
It was formed by a giant mollusk commonly called "taklobo" with a scientific name "Tridacna gigas". The size of the blister pearl is 4.00 inches in diameter …

Giant Blister Pearl 
Could this be the world's largest attached blister pearl? This pearl is huge! It compares to the Pearl of Allah, which currently holds the world's …

Diogelorcas Pearl 
It was formed by a giant mollusk commonly called "taklobo" with a scientific name "Tridacna gigas". The size of the blister pearl is 4.00 inches in diameter …

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