How to Restring Pearls...Method #2

How to restring pearls...there's more than one way.

My new friend, Mary, from Texas, phoned and explained her favorite way.

I'll do my best to give detailed instructions for restringing pearls...

Mary's way.

NOTE: I sometimes play a "Did you know?" game with my children. When we try and show one another up on our knowledge of random I'll play it with you here. Did you know that Mikimoto pearls are SOMETIMES NOT knotted? In Japan and Korea the women think pearl necklaces are more beautiful without knots...even very expensive Mikimoto pearl necklaces are without knots...and I have to agree, the enchantment of the pearls is enhanced. Plus, the lucky ladies who buy Mikimoto pearl in Japan don't need to know how to restring pearls. They have free restringing services for life.

Click on black pearls to see more.

Needed supplies for how to restring pearls:

1. Beading wire--will be made into a needle or a purchased beading needle

2. Silk or synthetic thread

3. Pearls

4. Clasp

Ok, let's get started: (Make sure your hands are squeaky clean).

1. Cut a length of thread maybe 4-5 times the length of your present necklace.

2. Cut a piece of beading wire about 6 inches long, fold in half and cut the ends at an angle, making sort of a point.

3. Place the silk thread between the bent wire-needle. Your "needle" is now threaded.

4. String the entire group of pearls onto this single silk thread using the wire-needle.The thread should be single and not double through the pearls at this point.

5. Tie one end of the clasp onto the silk thread and send the wire-needle back through the last pearl, heading in the opposite direction from the clasp.

6. After sending the needle and thread back through the last pearl, tie a knot with the free end of thread around the thread already in the pearls. "Just like tying a rope on a fence post"...says Mary.

7. Continue back through the pearls, one by one, with the wire-needle and thread, tying a knot behind each pearl as you go.

8. If wire-needle becomes dull, simple cut it again at an angle to sharpen up the point.

9. When complete...tie on the remaining clasp section.

Mary said this is super easy compared to my other method of how to restring pearls. After she read my explanations, she wanted people to know that there was a less stressful method.

Here you can read expert advice for pearl stringing.

Thank you Mary from Texas.

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